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I am a freelance software developer and ALM & CI consultant. With this website I want to share my knowledge and discuss issues that I come across.

“ Code should be clean. Not only readable for developers, but understandable for everyone. ”


Good commit messages

Writing good commit messages is very important. They tell you about the single functionality a commit adds to an application. You can search through [...]

Common principles of Object Oriented Design

I already wrote a blog post about SOLID, covering the following 5 design principles: Single Responsibility Principle Open Closed Principle Liskov Substitution Principle Interface [...]

A Sprint Review is not a Sprint Demo

A Sprint Review is not a Sprint Demo. That being said, I must admit that the demo is indeed a very important part of [...]

Why Dvorak is better than QWERTY and how to learn Dvorak

I use my keyboard a few hours a day for quite a few years now. I like computers a lot, even since I was [...]

Get outgoing mail configured properly

Nowadays, shared hosting is being replaced by virtual private servers more and more. They are affordable, you have full control, can configure them as [...]

Ripping a website’s source files

These days, most developers and IT companies use version control systems for their software. Very good, as it can be used to easily create [...]



Software development, ALM, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Linux, PHP