About me

I am Jordi Jolink. I live in the Netherlands in a small town near Arnhem. I work as a freelance software developer, Scrum Master and consultant. I am not going to write down my age as I have would have to change it every year. Instead, I’ll just tell you that I was born in 1986. I have three children and a girlfriend that I will get married to in September 2017.

I’m into computers since I was a little boy. Grew up in the time where MS-DOS was the most used OS, learning to work with the command line. My programming career started with writing simple Batch scripts. After that, I came across QuickBasic which I used to write my first programs. Later, still in the DOS/Windows 3.1 era, I started learning Pascal.

The next logical step after that was Delphi, providing the ability to create Windows applications, web sites and web services. That was also the time that computers were not protected as well as they are nowadays. Every computer in the network could easily be infected with my own trojan software 🙂

While the internet grew larger and larger, I had learned HTML, JavaScript, VBScript and (classic) ASP. Then came .NET. I liked the C# language a lot. Even more than Delphi’s Pascal-like language. So I switched over to .NET for my Windows applications. For web applications I started using PHP, which turned out to be more flexible than (classic) ASP. At that time mostly scripting and no OO though. In the next years, I went to college to study computer science. I have done .NET, Java and ASP projects and graduated with a Windows Mobile application.

During college I started working as a web developer. In the beginning the projects were both .NET and PHP, but later on I specialized in PHP and moved from front-end to back-end developer.

When I graduated, the first thing I have done was to run to the Chamber of Commerce to start my own company. Soneritics was born (February 2009) and I started as a freelance developer.

Right now, my focus is much broader than development alone. I’m interested in Agile, ALM, Scaling Agile and DevOps. But development still has my primary focus and I keep trying to get better and better and expand my knowledge. I’m also an enthusiastic Pluralsight and Udemy visitor, keeping my knowledge up to date.

Just a few random words that cross my mind when I need to describe myself: Git, Jetbrains, Resharper, Visual Studio, .NET Core, PHP Storm, MemCache, Continuous Deployment, Azure, SmartGit, Redis, RabbitMq, Behat, Continuous Integration, Atlassian Stack (including JIRA), Github, PHP 7, Zend, Symfony, CakePHP CodeIgniter, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Total Commander, ……..

It’s me 🙂


My hobbies


My family
My three children and girlfriend are my biggest hobby 🙂


I like to excercise. I’m a runner, swimmer and love to ride my mountainbike.

Suzuki - Kawasaki

Car & motorcycle
I enjoy driving my 1984 Suzuki Alto. For some more speed I take my Kawasaki ZX9R for a ride.


Coding still is a big hobby. New techniques keep me busy and SOLID makes my hair turn gray.